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Making social media easy for you

Save Time. Increase Engagement. Win More Clients. 

Connect Mór’s advanced AI platform automatically analyses your industry’s social media content; saving you time to produce the right content to drive social media engagement.

How We Help

Automate Competitive Analysis

Nobody should spend an afternoon manually looking at competitors’ social media feeds in 2021. You tell us their accounts and we’ll tell you what’s working in your industry within seconds.

Generate Better Content

Our AI makes recommendations based on analysing the content that works within your industry. We help you generate the best content, specifically for your business.

AB Test Content

Ever spend time debating about whether to post this social post, or that one? We’ll AB test your content for expected engagement using our AI, and your real industry data.

Hashtag Analysis

Hashtags play a big part in your content's reach. Find out which hashtags are getting used the most, and which ones get the most engagement.

Platform Specific Insights

Different content does well on different social media platforms. That’s why all our analysis is based on analysing each platform individually.

Competitor finder

Get recommendations of businesses with similar successful strategies in your industry. Get notifications when new competitors emerge.


Hashtag engagement rates and competitor analytics are a nightmare to get your hands on, so using Connect Mór as part of my social media tool kit has been a game changer in creating a marketing strategy based on data analysed with A.I.
Debbie Shaw
Freelance Marketer, Entreprenuer

3 Important Questions

Why does Connect Mór exist ?

To make social media more accessible for any business

What does Connect Mór offer?

Automate competitive analysis

Predict the success of content before it goes online

Suggest content to generate better engagement 

How will Connect Mór help you ?

Save time generating social media content

Produce more engaging content

Win more clients




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