How to create engaging content on social media? Tips and Tricks

A company’s success on social media depends on the quality of the content posted. With increasing competition and quality of content posted on the internet, it is vital for companies to effectively create engaging content on social media to better engage their community.

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In recent years we have witnessed a gradual transformation of the top content on the web.

  • During the 1990’s, most of the content available online from businesses resembled traditional media. The content consumed by a majority of users was created by a handful of publishers.
  • From the early 2000s, user generated content has gained far more prominence and popularity on the web. 
  • Today, users are creating as much as they consume. This is happening across blogs, forums, photo and video sharing communities, and social media. 

To enhance communication and to effectively share information, businesses are steadily shifting their focus from traditional forms of media to more digital and online forms such as social media channels and blogs. These new digital methods to create engaging content on social media help in creating better opportunities for businesses to increase the interaction with customers.

Producing engaging content on social media is not easy and takes a lot of time and effort. Creating value for customers through your content can turn out to be a tedious task and companies must keep in mind the wants and desires of their customers.

Some companies such as Mailchimp and Sprout Social have suggested ways in order to create effective content strategies on social media channels to drive engagement.

Some of the types of content that can be mixed together for creating engaging content on social media:

  1. Videos – Videos are vital in terms of driving web traffic. According to Cisco Annual internet report, videos drive 82% of digital web traffic. You should not miss out on the huge opportunity of increasing reach and engagement through video content. 
  2. Employees – Your employees are the true identity of your company. Posting content on social media that revolves around the life of employees at the company and their goals and desires helps in creating a personal connection with the customers.
  3. Company News – Share all the exciting news about your company and the industry. Get your viewers engaged with posts displaying the team at work, employees celebrating milestones and the lifestyle at the company. This helps in building a brand image in the eyes of customers and also helps them feel a personal touch.
  4. Market Statistics – Help your customers educate themselves about the industry and the market affecting your company and the surroundings. Help customers to get important insights into your operations and share them all through your social media.
  5. Blog Posts – Blogging is a very effective way for companies to create valuable content for users. You can include all kinds of information in the blogs such as – Company insights, new product launches, funding and investments, earnings and job postings. Blogs help your users to dive deep into your functions as a company and the progress.
  6. Social Media Contests – Keep your users intrigued by offering them free demos or discounts on your products and services. This gesture allows users to build trust with the company and also a sense of loyalty as they believe that the company is going the extra mile to satisfy their customers.
  7. User Generated Content – As mentioned earlier, user generated content has really gained prominence and popularity amongst companies. You can effectively market and share the testimonials and product reviews of your products and services with your new customers. This helps in 2 ways – 1) Allowing new customers to better assess your products through another customer’s review and 2) Allowing the existing customers to feel valued by sharing their testimonial.

Connect Mór itself believes in a mixed content based strategy to effectively reach our customers and to derive better engagement. 

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