Connect Mór’s goal is to make social media more accessible to all businesses. 

We do this by: 

Enabling marketers to spend more time on being creative, while being able to service more clients. 

Empowering businesses to manage their own social media more effectively.

Value Proposition

Nobody should spend an afternoon manually looking at competitors’ social media feeds in 2021. You tell us their accounts and we’ll tell you what’s working in your industry within seconds

Figure out what content drives engagement for your business. Our AI will help you achieve optimal results.

Our AI makes recommendations based on analysing the content that works within your industry. We help you generate the best content, specifically for your business.

Eliminate the barrier with marketing to a new market. Just give us a few businesses that are doing it well, and we’ll tell you what makes them tick.

Different content does well on different social media platforms. That’s why all our analysis is based on analysing each platform individually.

Do you ever spend time debating about whether to publish this social post, or that one? We’ll AB test your content for expected engagement using our AI, and your real industry data.

Have a prospective client? We’ll generate a report for you showing how they rank within their industry, and what they can do to improve. Now that’s a nice pitch.


James Flynn

Co-Founder | CEO

James built his experience in technology excellence through working with Susquehanna International Group – a global quantitative trading firm – and Salesforce.com. Where he had hybrid deeply technical and business focused roles. He has a bachelor of Computer Science from University College Cork, with a thesis on artificial intelligence. Previously completed the Enterprise Ireland funded New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme.


Brendan Scullion

Co-Founder | CTO

Brendan moved to Silicon Valley after college where he worked with an IT consultancy working with some of the world’s leading hedge funds and venture capital firms. He moved back to Ireland and spent several years as a database engineer for Susquehanna International Group, a global quantitative trading firm. He has a degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.


Shankar Pendse

AI Developer

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Shankar worked for 9 years in IT across different domains and technology. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Munster Technological University.


Taranjeet Singh Badwal

Marketing Manager

A masters graduate in marketing from Trinity College Dublin with 2 years of experience working in the fields of marketing, operations and sales. TJ is a creative spirit complimented with the experience of co-founding a previous SaaS start up and facilitating marketing strategies in various positions.

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